Why Milk?

Nourish, exfoliate, even-tone — growing up, Milk did it all for our skin. As 21st-century hustling adults, we wanted the same comfort and holistic confidence in our skincare, but, with a better version of Milk, one that elevates our skin and feels good too.

So we took Milk in all its glory and broke it apart to the last molecule.

A Milk Revolution, with Superchargers

We broke Milk apart and added Superchargers to it, new-age actives like Hyaluronic Acid, Bakuchiol, Gotu Kola (Cica), Vitamin C, and more. We added these actives with
proven results to enhance Milk’s innate goodness, and with the goal to build on milk’s innate benefits for skin. Moreover, we supertextured Milk, so that in every dip and swipe, your senses come as alive as your skin would.

Hi-Glaze Skin. Your Skin, But Real and Better

Milk’s tried and tested goodness met 21st-century Supercharging Actives to create products and textures that were meant to enhance your real glow and bring out your better skin. Skin that glows with dewy, hydrated, supple health.

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We are Neude, A Supercharged Milk Revolution for Hi-Glaze Skin

It’s time to meet your skin goals comfortably, with a touch of cosy Milk nostalgia. Revisit your skin, to Recharge your Hi-Glaze glow.

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Milk is a fascinating ingredient and popular since ancient times for good reason.

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