The SUNstopbbale You! How Sunscreen Can Turn Your Skincare Game Around

The SUNstopbbale You! How Sunscreen Can Turn Your Skincare Game Around

How often do we apply sunscreen? The answer is, not enough. The sun may shine or cast a sullen shadow, but the fact remains, our knowledge of suncare remains painfully limited. Sunscreens are so essential for a complete skincare routine. Yet, we pick the ones that may not have the right ingredients, or texture, or worse — we may end up applying too much or too little.

Fret not, for the Neude Edit is here to your rescue. It is here that we’d tell you exactly how much sunscreen to apply, how to pick the best sunscreen for your screen (yes, even sunscreen for oily skin), how many times to apply it, and overall just make sure you know how sunscreen for face is the best thing you can do for your skin.

So, as Poo would say, “what are we waiting for? Christmas?” Without further ado, let’s go..

Start Right, What is Sunscreen and What does it do?

The last step of your skincare routine, applied above your moisturizer, a sunscreen is crafted to block the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, thereby preventing any lasting damage to the skin.

This magic potion is available in various textures and formats, depending on what you and your skin is comfortable in. From lotions and creams to sprays and sticks, sunscreens have come a long way, whether you want sunscreen for oily skin or for dry skin or for normal or combination skin. But, sunscreen for the face aims to provide one thing — highest protection against the sun, so you can walk with your face up and not worry about getting tanned.

Modern sunscreens with supercharged ingredients also serve as elevated and multipurpose skincare. In fact, sunscreens have also met makeup to give us high SPF tints that are so in today, in the era of ‘no makeup makeup.’

Let’s quickly list down some of its benefits.

1. Kiss Sunburn Goodbye
Sunburns are so last season! The right sunscreen is your personal bodyguard against those naughty rays, keeping your skin safe and pain-free.

2. Age-Defying Potion
Why let the sun steal your glow? Sunscreen fights off fine lines and dark spots, keeping you looking fresh and fabulous. Stay young, stay fresh!

3. Pigment Protection Patrol
No more "50 shades of tan"! Sunscreen saves your skin from hyperpigmentation caused by sun
exposure, so you can flaunt an even, radiant complexion.

4. Cancer Crusader

Sunscreen isn't just a pretty face—it can save your life! Using the correct sunscreen slashes your risk of sunspots and skin cancer, so you can shine bright like the sun without the burn.
All in all, quite a quirky product, this sunscreen. It protects, it affects, it does not fret.

Do You Need a White Face Full of Sunscreen?

The main question is how much sunscreen to wear. Valid question with varied answers. But you only need to remember one.

Ideally, you should apply two to three full fingers worth of sunscreen on your entire face and neck (yes, do not forget the neck, or you would end up with two different shades of skin).

And no, you do not need sunscreen that would leave your face white. Pick a zero-white cast sunscreen for face formulation that gets absorbed quickly into the skin, and hustle along and into the world to conquer your day.

Just sun-protect yourself first, okay? Two to three fingers—that shouldn’t be hard to remember.

Vacation or No Vacation, It’s Important, Sunscreen RE-application

That’s exactly why there are so many new formats of sunscreen cropping up, from sticks to powders, all so that you can easily reapply sunscreen without having to take off your makeup!

Well, even if you do not have makeup on, do reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours. It is extremely important. No matter how many hours a sunscreen claims it can protect, you need to be careful and know the thumb rule of not just application quantity, but also application frequency.

A sunscreen is only as effective as its application and reapplication, in the correct quantity. Nail that down and you would be the sun-protected Goddess.

Do we need to say it again? Wear sunscreen EVERY DAY. No exceptions to the rule. Even indoors, even on cloudy days. Even in winter. Because the sun is never gone, it is always there.

Tips to Pick the Best Sunscreen — SPF, Ingredients, et al

Picking the right sunscreen for you is never an easy task. There are so many factors to consider and many options to explore to zero in on the best sunscreen for you.

- Choose the right SPF

It is advisable that the sun protection factor (SPF) in your sunscreen be SPF 30 or higher. In simple terms, SPF is the level of protection that sunscreen provides against the sun’s UVB rays. An SPF below 15 protects you against sunburn, not skin aging or cancer. On the other hand, sunscreen SPF 50 protects you against 98% of the sun’s rays.

- Look for active ingredients

Mineral sunscreens provide even better protection from the sun than regular sunscreens, as the minerals further block the rays of the sun.

Look for sunscreen types that are infused with antioxidants that not only protect you from harmful sun rays but also heal and soothe your skin. It needs to be moisturizing, that is, good for your skin. Make sure the ingredients are hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory making it safe to use for sensitive skin.

- Look for Tinted Sunscreen

The tint in the formulation gives a healthy glow to the skin, without leaving any sort of white cast - a common problem with sunscreen applications.

- Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is recommended

Sunscreen with broad spectrum protection protects your skin from both UVA and UVB sun rays. UVA contributes to skin cancer and aging, whereas UVB rays lead to sunburn and cancer. Most sunscreens provide UVB protection but not UVA protection, hence, it is advisable to check the label for broad spectrum protection.

- Consider Your Skin Type

A sunscreen for oily skin will differ from a sunscreen for dry skin. Neude Skin sunscreen is perfect for all skin types as it has a lightweight formula that is super moisturizing as well.

- How to apply sunscreen on face?

You can simply apply sunscreen on your face by first dotting it all over your face. Then, evenly apply it all over till the skin absorbs the product.

- Does a higher SPF provide better protection?

Yes, a higher SPF is recommended for better protection, however, once the SPF level reaches 30, the smaller the protection becomes between the SPF levels. Sunscreen with SPF 30 blocks about 97% of the UVB rays and sunscreen SPF 50 takes that only one percent higher by blocking about 98% of the sun’s rays. Hence, it is advisable to at least wear sunscreen with SPF 30, especially when applying sunscreen on your face.

Sunscreen is the single most important product in your skin care arsenal and we cannot reiterate this enough. Neude Skin Fam - summer or winter, sunscreen is to be used daily and should not be compromised, come what may!

Spoiler Alert : at Neude, we have something super exciting for you, resolving your skincare concerns with the goodness of milk.

Ah milk - an ancient, long-forgotten recipe for skincare, is here to revolutionize skincare as we know it today.

Packed with natural anti-inflammatory substances, it has the ability to transform your skin for the better. Packed with multi-vitamins such as Vitamins E & A it is truly an ingredient that can give your skin a boost of nutrients. Watch out for this space for more as we are headed for the big reveal very soon ;)

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