Milk — Bringing back the nostalgic skincare ingredient

Milk — Bringing back the nostalgic skincare ingredient

Milk — Everyone has some or the other memory attached to this potion, one of the oldest skincare ingredients. And we are talking about both topical application and digestive memories. Our mothers running after us so we could drink it for its nutritional value, and somewhere below the surface is the smiling face of our grandmothers as they tried to apply milk on our skin. Yes, it was one of the most sought-after skincare ingredients of the time. As we grew up, there were so many variations of milk — ghee on chapped lips to tackle the dryness, dahi on the face to do away with the stubborn tan, milk baths for a brighter, smoother skin. There were skin care products too, but nothing was better than the homemade recipes.

But, we did take milk for granted. Just like everything we grew up with, we got so used to milk, we didn’t think beyond what it was expected to do on the surface. Whether in the skin care products or in its raw form, milk brought back so many memories that we loved but also were running away from.

Touché, millennials or Gen Zs, we all have that tendency to run away from things.

However, we cannot run away from skin care. Our routines are hustled and environmental aggressors are at their peak. You don’t just need skin care products for women, as skin care is for every skin, irrespective of the gender. Also, with all the skin care products flooding the market at the moment, it’s probably time to return to the past, for the magic of milk in skincare goes much deeper than our memories, sweet and sour combined.

Milk skincare — The reason to believe in it

Honestly, the milk benefits for skin are many. The reason our foremothers believed so much in natural skincare ingredients or organic skin care, was that those were beneficial, accessible and affordable, and milk checks all the boxes. Milk, in skin care products or in its raw format could work wonders when used in the right way and with the right components to create those magic potions that could make you glow like a star.

Let us just jog your memories a little bit. Here are a few milk benefits for skin that should convince you why your skincare needs a milk renaissance. Trust us, you need milk in your skin care products.

#1 Makes skin smooth and radiant

Milk has Lactic Acid, which is a natural AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), a gentle exfoliator. It gets rid of all the dirt and dead skin, leaving you over time with a lasting, spotless glow. One can say that milk for skin whitening is an in-demand feature, but we’d say, it enhances your natural glow, giving you an inherent radiance.

#2 Slows down signs of ageing

Proteins in milk and intelligently-crafted milk skin care products constantly increase the elasticity of the skin, making it firmer. It slows down the premature signs of ageing, making skin youthful.

#3 Milk cleansing

Choosing skin care products that cleanse a task for you? Not sure if you wish to use any foaming cleanser or wash on your face? A raw milk cleanse is perfect for you. You can even create a cleanser out of yogurt and leave it on as a face mask before you rinse it off.

#4 Nourishes naturally

Skin care products for women that contain milk are naturally nourishing because they soothe and calm redness on the skin. If you use raw milk, you can even combine it with rose petals if you like to add a little Cleopatra-like touch to your bath, for a soothing and calming bathing experience. Your skin would thank you for it and would become smoother with use.

#5 Heals dry skin

If you have cracked heels or dry skin, milk or skin care products infused with milk are a boon. Milk is one of those skincare ingredients that not only moisturizes, but also heals the skin, reversing the damage and making it healthier and smoother for a long time.

#7 Reduces acne

Lactic Acid present in the Milk and milk-based skin care products is a natural exfoliator that removes not just dirt but even deep-seated bacteria, cleansing the skin and reducing not just current acne, but possibility of acne from happening. Clear skin, on your way.

Skincare with milk is the key to glowing skin. Apply milk, soak in it, and use it even as a rinse- off. And just so that you do not forget, skincare with milk is not just for women. So, when we think of milk, we aren’t just thinking of skin care products for women, we are thinking of all the genders who would love to pamper themselves and take off life’s stressors with their skincare rituals, with the memories and goodness of milk.

Body skincare with milk is also another extremely popular childhood trick of glowing skin. Remember the times when grandmothers used to seep in a few dollops of milk in bathing water? Our own Cleopatras, after all.

What we would give to do it right away. We bet you are already searching for skin care products powered by milk. But wait, here’s the glitch — milk yet to be harnessed the way you want. Skin care products are not yet completely ready with the kind of milk that completes your clear skin rituals.

Milk skincare — What you, the consumer, wants

As we set out to create skincare with milk, something that stems from our past and is rooted so deeply inside one of us, we asked the first and foremost teacher, you.

“What do you expect from your milk-infused skin care products?”

And you surely had good answers up your sleeve.

“Milk has been used by our mothers and grandmothers for reducing puffiness and sun burns. We also use it as a base for making face packs at home”

“A gram flour and milk face pack gives glow from inside.”

“Milk has lactic acid that removes dark spots.”

“Milk has a natural moisturizing factor. I use it over the face or any dry area to prevent dryness.”

But, you had some concerns as well.

“Milk as a cleanser spills and feels sticky when it dries.”

“Ghee can feel greasy. Further, its unadulterated texture may tan me if I go out wearing it.”

“Milk skincare was good for our grandmothers and mothers. With our lifestyle and the increased pollution, even though milk still stands relevant, we need it in textures and formulations that match our routines.”

The best face care products need research and resilience. And as we were on the path of supercharging an already complete ingredient like milk, we realized the consumers had pretty good points to make.

Milk and its variants are full of nourishment, they soften and even tone the skin It reduces dark spots and sunburns, also works well on puffiness, to give a glow from within.

Milk skincare, however, may be complete in itself and provide skin with all the nourishment. However, it needs to be more convenient, and the sensorial experience needs to be better. Further, with the increasing pollution milk, if infused with science, can be a supercharged skincare of your dreams.

In a nutshell, milk is great on its own, but it needs more harnessing, more supercharging, for it to become a perfect skin mate of your dreams. Something that you can just pick up, apply in a no-mess fashion, and it should work on your skin while you go on about your day.

You need milk skincare that hustles the same way you do, without stopping your life in any possible way. A skincare that reflects your attitude.

What’s the solution?

A Milk Renaissance

We know about milk and the benefits it offers. But, what we do not know is how compatible it is and can be with our modern skincare and skin needs, when harnessed in the right way, combined with the right ingredients.

Milk is no longer just the companion of gram flour or honey to create face packs that need to be used once a week. Neither is it an uncomfortable sensorial experience.

What if we tell you that there is a milk renaissance in skincare coming up right your alley — one that offers milk in never-seen-before formats, with gentle fragrances that uplift your skincare, and light textures that fit your skin and soul snugly?

What if, we tell you that the formulations powered by milk and supercharged by skincare secrets are coming your way, to give you products that match your pace and serve you an ace with lasting nourishment and glow?

You just have to keep watching this space, for it’s time you flaunt your roots, you flaunt your milk glow. Skincare with milk is not the same anymore, it’s much, much more.

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