Summer 101: How to Stay Cool with the Coolest Hydrators of The Season

This summer, it's not just the sun that's heating things up – skincare trends are also on fire! As the temps climb, so do the latest beauty crazes, leaving us all a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up.

Summer's arrived, and along with it comes the relentless heat and humidity, the ultimate villains behind dullness and breakouts. Just like your body seeks relief from the heat, your skin deserves some cooling TLC to combat the sweltering weather. We've curated a lineup of products guaranteed to keep you cool, calm, and collected throughout the sunny season. So, let's beat the heat together and dive into our ultimate skincare guide with the coolest skin hydrators of the season!

Get ready to flaunt your fabulously hydrated skin and step into summer with all the insider knowledge, plus a beach bag packed with beauty must-haves.

Summer Skincare Switch-Up: Why Your Routine Needs a Seasonal Refresh!

Enjoying the summer sun is a blast, but it can really mess with your skin. The sun's rays are stronger during this time of year and can lead to drowsiness, dehydration, oiliness, breakouts, and early ageing signs. No matter your age or skin type, it's crucial to tweak your skincare routine with some of the best face hydrator to protect your skin.

Here's how to make the switch:

Skincare has evolved! New-age brands like Neude Skin are reimagining and re-texturing skincare even with the seemingly ‘heaviest’ ingredients to give the best nourishment. Opt for lighter formulations with supercharged actives designed for the hotter months. These help protect your skin from extreme weather while keeping it hydrated.

You don't have to overhaul your entire routine. Just analyze which products work year-round (like serums, toners, and essences) and which ones need seasonal adjustments (like moisturizers, cleansers, and sunscreen). This way, you can keep your skin looking fresh and fabulous all summer long!

Pick the Coolest Skin Hydrator for Your Best Hi-Glaze Skin

1. Commit to Cleansing!

When it comes to keeping your skin looking fresh and cool during the sunny season, gentle cleansing is the way to go. Those long days filled with outdoor fun (and a bit of sweat) mean your skin needs some extra love.

To wash away all that grime without stripping your skin of its essential moisture, opt for a mild, pH-balanced cleanser. It'll whisk away sweat, dirt, and excess oil while leaving your skin feeling balanced and refreshed.

Now, let's talk about what to skip. Harsh exfoliants or aggressive cleansers?Harsh exfoliants or strong cleansers? Nope! Summer heat can make our skin more sensitive, so it’s smart to avoid anything that might cause irritation.

Instead, reach for a gentle milk-infused cleanser loaded with natural goodness like Neude Skin Milk Muse Face Cleansing Milk. These soothing ingredients and refreshing texture will give your skin the TLC it needs, leaving it feeling calm, cool, and ready to take on whatever summer throws its way.

It removes all that dullness, dirt and grime so that you can go back to sleep with your skin breathing. And of course, giving you your Hi-Glaze skin.

2. Spray Away the Pore Blues: Add a Toner!

So, 'Skinstagram' is buzzing about toners, and it's easy to see why! They’re loaded with ingredients that zap oil and balance your skin, leaving it matte and fresh. Plus, they knock out bacteria and keep your skin’s pH in check, so you keep your skin hydrated for Hi-Glaze Glow!

Now, if you want that fresh, glowing skin, you’ve gotta try the milk-infused Tone it Up face toner! It's like a mini hydration boost with Milk Peptide to perk up your skin and give it that youthful bounce. Say hello to elastic, glowy skin!

But wait, there’s more to this toner as it is the best skin hydrator! Salicylic Acid jumps in to tackle oil, acne, and those pesky blackheads and whiteheads. Honey works its magic by shrinking pores and giving your skin that Instagram-worthy glow. And Witch Hazel refines those pores like a pro.


3. Cool Off With a Summer Thirst Quencher for Hi-Glaze Hydration!

As much as we revel in the chance to reveal our best skin during hotter days, sweat and city grime get us. So what’s the perfect way to get the coolest summer skin that vibes with the season? A perfect summer moisturizer, of course. But those thick cream moisturizers are too heavy for the heat, like trying to wear a winter coat in July.

So, what's the move? Switch things up with water or gel-based moisturizers like Skin Dew Daily Energising Face Moisturiser Gel. It's all about those light, water, or gel-based vibes to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It feels like a refreshing dew on your skin, leaving no greasy residue behind. It is for skin that is up to the brim with a Hi-Glaze, quenched glow every day!

This face hydrator is like an energy boost for your skin, perfect for those scorching days. And that light-gel texture is Ideal for hot, humid vibes. 

4. ALWAYS Wear Sunscreen for a Sunstoppable YOU!

Lotion or oil-based sunscreens are the usual suspects for making your skin feel sweaty in the summer. Go for a hydrating texture with some new-gen filters as these are the latest and safest filters around, so they're less likely to bother your skin!
If you wish for a shine-free yet healthy hydrated SPF glow with no white cast, you need a sunblock that has modern textures. Neude Sunstoppable SPF45 PA+++ for instance, is a milk sunscreen with a unique and hydrating texture with no white cast, that leaves a Hi-glaze, hydrated glow behind. And hey, the best part, it does the job of 3 products, making your travel kit lighter - the perfect soothing moisturizer, high-protection SPF, and an aftersun-care product as it prevents tan and works on past UV damage. Such a brilliant multitasker!

Slather on the best facial hydrator like a pro for Sun-Kissed Protection!

SUNSTOPPABLE SPF45 PA+++ Sunscreen for Tan Prevention & UVA+UVB Protection

5. Get a Cooling Night Mask to Calm Down Daytime Grime!

Don't let the summer sun dull your shine! Give your skin a hydrating boost while you catch those z's. Treat yourself with something which is more than usual. Ever heard of a blend featuring Goat Milk, Gotu Kola, Cica, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile? We are talking about the ultimate hydra-glow boost sleeping mask for your skin - Neude Skin Sleep On It Overnight Mask. 

This one has the goodness of all the ingredients mentioned above and is supercharged with a unique texture that is almost like a blanket over your skin. It works deep inside your pores to hydrate and perk you up, so you wake up saying “I woke up like this,” and boy, you’re gonna love your skin so damn much after this Sleeping Mask boost.

Sleep On It Overnight Face Mask

6. Use an All-in-One Serum!

Keeping it simple with your skincare routine? That's the way to go! It's not just easier to stick to—it's what gets you real results. Less fuss, more glow!
For hot summer days, all you need is a lightweight serum! It's like a quick hydration boost without that heavy, greasy feel.

Instead of juggling multiple serums for different issues, why not try one that does it all? Yes, a SINGLE serum for all your concerns. Neude SkinGenesis All-in-one face serum is basically the ONE serum that does it all! 

All-in-One Face Serum |  Niacinamide+Lactic Acid+Hyaluronic Acid - SkinGenesis

This coolest skin hydrator is designed as the go-to single solution to tackle all your skincare needs. With Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and Niacinamide, it's all about giving your skin that ultimate reinvention and glow boost.

It’s a single serum that does the work of three, topped off with the soothing and protecting benefits of Aloe Vera and Green Tea. Each drop of this multitasking AM + PM face care serum in your lightweight skincare works hard to give you your best, Hi-Glaze skin!

7. Stay Chic & Cool: Protect Your Skin from Head to Toe!

When it comes to keeping your skin safe from those sneaky sun rays, it's more than just slathering on sunscreen. With some trendy gear like long-sleeved tops, wide-brimmed hats, and stylish shades you'll be rocking that sun-savvy style while staying effortlessly chic.

But honey, let's not overlook the rest of our body! Our skin deserves some TLC too during these hot months. That's where Neude Skin’s Skinheritance Body Serum steps in! Packed with Supercharged Milk, this serum works great against dull, dry skin, leaving you with a radiant glow every time you apply it. This body serum will give your skin that celeb-like glow & shine you crave!

Skinheritance Body Serum for a Reinventing and Reviving Glow

You need to upgrade your shower routine to stay cool and hydrated with the newer ultra-nourishing formulas like the All Wet Body Wash! It adds a splash of fun to your shower routine too! It has real milk poured into a tantalizingly smooth milk-gel texture which softens & conditions skin while eliminating dead skin cells, reviving the skin’s natural glow. 

All Wet Daily Body Wash for Deep Cleansing & Detanning | Milk, Lactic Acid, Vitamin C

And it's time for some post-bath perfection!

Here's a bodycare tip you won't want to skip: moisturize after every bath! When you wash up, you're not just getting rid of dirt – you're also stripping away your skin's natural moisture, leaving it kinda defenceless.

That's where moisturizing swoops in to save the day. Add a non-greasy, lightweight body lotion just like Neude’s Smmmoothie Moisturizing Body Lotion Spray to your routine. Go, get it as this body spray is all about high-performance body skincare that tackles unique body skin concerns and keeps your skin cool & hydrated all season long.

Smmmoothie Moisturizing Body Lotion Spray for Even-toned Dewy Hydration

 It's all about staying chic and cool with the coolest skin hydrator of the season!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to hydrating skincare, lightweight and soothing textures are a must. Milk is a fantastic ingredient for fighting damage & calming down the summer Skin Shenanigans, but traditional milk-based products can feel sticky on your skin. However, Neude Skin’s lightweight, non-sticky formulations powered by rich, protein-powered Milk that’s supercharged with New-age skincare actives keep your skin feeling fresh and comfortable, even in the heat. 

Summer skincare is all about taking care of your skin under the sun and finding the perfect skin hydrator to keep it looking and feeling great. With the right products, you can protect your skin, keeping it healthy, calming and glowing all season long. Here's to a season full of radiant skin and endless fun in the sun!
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