Sweatproof your Skincare: Refreshing, Lightweight Hydrators & Glow-Boosters to Include in Your Summer Skincare

Sweatproof your Skincare: Refreshing, Lightweight Hydrators & Glow-Boosters to Include in Your Summer Skincare!

We all know, ‘Skincare routines are seasonal!’ Like, in summer, our skin needs different products, ingredients and textures to suit weather changes. It wants hydration that's light, not heavy or greasy. When it's super hot and sunny, your pores go kinda crazy, making you all oily and sweaty. While you cannot avoid sweat altogether, you can tweak your routine by adding lightweight skincare products that are hydrating and formulated with soothing ingredients just like Neude! It can help you keep your skin feeling fresh and sweat-proof all summer long! Let’s get a closer look to keep your skin cooler and sweat free with lightweight skincare this season.


How to Sweat-Proof Your Skin In Summer?

1. Use Right Cleanser for Hi-Glaze Skin!

Wait a minute. What in the world is ‘Hi-Glaze?’ It’s basically your skin but ultra-nourished, radiant and super glowy, like you know, a glazed donut, but not greasy. It is the best skin you can flaunt and be with. And yes, it is sweat-proof, oil-proof, the skin you are confident in.

So, the question is, how to get it?

First thing, pores. You need a cleanser that unclogs and clears your pores but not in a harsh way. Enter, Milk Muse Face Cleansing Milk. This one has the goodness of Real Milk supercharged by Peptides, which means complete pore care, not just in terms of cleansing, but also giving them a healthy bounce every time you swipe it across! 

It removes all that dullness, dirt and grime so that you can go back to sleep with your skin breathing. And of course, giving you your Hi-Glaze skin.

Milk Muse Peptide Face Cleansing Milk


2. Add a Toner: Spray away the pore blues!

So, 'Skinstagram' is all about toners lately, and for good reason! They're packed with stuff that sucks up oil and balances your skin, leaving it looking matte and feeling fresh. Plus, they eliminate bacteria to keep your skin's pH in check, so you're not dealing with any sweaty situations.

Now, if you're after that sweat-proof summer glow, you gotta check out the milk-infused Tone it Up face toner! It's like a mini hydration boost, packed with Milk Peptide to perk up your skin and give it that youthful bounce. Say hello to elastic, glowy skin!

But, there's more: Salicylic Acid swoops in to handle oil, acne, and those annoying blackheads and whiteheads. And Honey is all about shrinking pores and giving your skin that 'gram-worthy glow. Oh, and Witch Hazel is like your skin's BFF, refining those pores like a boss.

So, think of this toner as your on-the-go skin saviour, ready to give you that refreshed, sweat-free glow wherever you go!

Tone It Up Face Toner for Pore-Corrected, Plump Skin


3. Gel Based Moisturizer for Hi-Glaze Hydration!

Ever noticed your soap bar getting all sweaty in hot weather? It's because of the humectants. They love pulling in moisture from the air, but in summer, they can leave your skin feeling dry.  And those thick cream moisturizers are too heavy for the heat, like trying to wear a winter coat in July.

So, what's the move? Switch things up with water or gel-based moisturizers like Skin Dew Daily Energising Face Moisturiser Gel. It's all about those light, water, or gel-based vibes to keep your skin feeling fresh and sweat-free. 

This lightweight moisturizing lotion is like an energy boost for your skin, perfect for those scorching days. And that light-gel texture is Ideal for hot, humid vibes.

Skin Dew Daily Energising Face Moisturiser Gel for Oil-Free Nourished Skin

4. Sunscreen for a Sunstoppable YOU!

Lotion or oil-based sunscreens are the usual suspects for making your skin feel sweaty in the summer. They're like a clingy ex, leaving this filmy mess on your face that traps in sweat. Plus, when you're supposed to rub them in well, it can lead to extra oiliness and that sweaty feeling.

Instead of those heavy sunscreens, go for something lighter like Sunstoppable SPF45 PA+++. Easy to slather on and reapply all day, it's like your go-to for that Hi-Gaze Sunglow! It protects your skin from the sun and zaps away sweat and shine, leaving no white cast behind.

Think of it as the last step in your morning routine, pulling double duty as your moisturizer. Oh, and don't forget to keep topping up every couple of hours.

SUNSTOPPABLE SPF45 PA+++ Sunscreen for Tan Prevention & UVA+UVB Protection


5. Use an All-in-One Serum!

Keeping it simple with your skincare routine? That's the way to go! It's not just easier to stick to—it's what gets you real results. Less fuss, more glow!

For hot summer days, all you need is a lightweight serum! It's like a quick hydration boost without that heavy, greasy feel.

Instead of juggling multiple serums for different issues, why not try one that does it all? Yes, a SINGLE serum for all your concerns. Neude SkinGenesis All-in-one face serum is basically the ONE serum that does it all! 

It is designed as the go-to single solution to tackle all your skincare needs. With Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and Niacinamide, it's all about giving your skin that ultimate reinvention and glow boost

It’s a single serum that does the work of three, topped off with the soothing and protecting benefits of Aloe Vera and Green Tea. Each drop of this multitasking AM + PM face care serum in your lightweight skincare works hard to give you your best, Hi-Glaze skin!

All-in-One Face Serum |  Niacinamide+Lactic Acid+Hyaluronic Acid - SkinGenesis


6. Embracing Texture for a Glowy, Sweat-Proof Skin! 

Skincare's got a whole new vibe these days—welcome to the 21st century! We're all about embracing texture, even with the "heaviest" ingredients. And you know what's cool? Oily skin doesn't have to miss out on the goodness anymore. We're talking top-notch nourishment and sun care, no gel required.

For instance, don’t go for the age-old fear when you spot an oil. New-age brands like Neude Skin are formulating and balancing the goodness of Milk, its derivatives and also oils in a way that the texture brings out the best of ingredients without leaving any shine on the skin. 


7. Go Lighter on Makeup!

Summer's no time for heavy makeup—it just ends up mixing with sweat and oil, causing all sorts of trouble for your skin. Keep things light and airy instead. Just like you choose lightweight skincare, look for oil-free foundations and mineral-based powders that won’t suffocate your pores.

And here's a tip: think about ditching foundation altogether and going for tinted moisturizers or BB creams. They give you that natural look without weighing down your skin, letting it breathe easy and keeping sweat from ruining your makeup game.


8. Don’t Forget to Exfoliate—Gently

No lies, skin exfoliation is a must for your skincare grind all year round, but summer is when you wanna really scrub off that dead skin.

For oily skin, experts say go heavy on the exfoliation during the summer. It's the move to unclog those pores and keep acne at bay. But don't go overboard with all those acids every single day. Ease into it by slowly adding more exfoliation days each week.

Grab a gentle scrub that'll buff away dead skin cells, leaving you with that fresh-faced glow. It's like hitting the reset button for your skin—total vibes!


Wrapping Up

With some savvy sweat-proof skincare tricks up your sleeve, you can keep your skin feeling fresh and fab all summer long. Adding these lightweight, humidity-resistant glow boosters to your routine is key—they'll help your skin stay healthy, hydrated, and totally on point, even in the heat.

And hey, don't forget the basics: stay hydrated, slather on that sunscreen, and soak up the summer vibes with confidence! Got any lightweight skincare secrets for summer of your own? Drop a comment below and let's chat about keeping our skin glowing and gorgeous all season!

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